Design updates and notes

Design updates were made to the three beard wiki domains (articles, wiki, forums). The three sites have been made a little closer in design to each other — to a degree. The software used is WordPress, DokuWiki, and Discourse respectively.

The majority of the work was done on the wiki and articles sections. Some of the changes that were made during this update:

  • Wiki is more mobile-friendly.
  • Syntax page was moved from pages:syntax to meta:syntax. meta is the new namespace that will house anything related specifically to the wiki itself. The pages namespace was removed, as it was made prior to building the WordPress articles section, which is what now holds pages like the TOS and privacy policy.
  • Added the licensing of the content found across the Beard Wiki suite of websites; see the new footer on any page at any of the three sites. The license is CC BY 4.0.
  • Removed Viglink from the sites. A few more display ads were placed due to removal of it. See the updated ad disclosure page for more info; remember, ad blockers are not frowned upon here. I understand and use them myself. Also keep in mind that the vast majority of ads are hidden if you’re logged in.
  • Subscriptions to wiki changes are available. Subscribe to any combination of pages or namespaces to get emailed when more beard information is posted or updated.
  • Internal changes to the three software that run the sites, as well as server changes (primarily Nginx configurations).
  • Some other things I can’t remember at 4 AM.

General notes and thoughts

The Beard Wiki websites have not really been advertised or shared very much, so at the time of this post there is no community here on the forums. It’s virtually a way to keep track of updates/changes and as a comments platform for the somewhat-popular articles section.

Editing the beard wiki:
The wiki is request-access only, but for anyone interested in adding/editing wiki content, feel free to request access to the Wiki Editors group and I’ll approve you ASAP. This is not a tough process nor does it require anything other than to ask. Once you’ve been added as an editor, you’ll have the permissions to edit for as long as your account exists — even if you don’t end up editing the wiki at all. This is almost purely for anti-spam purposes, hence why an account is required. It’s also quite a specific, niche topic, so world-editing isn’t as appropriate as it would be for something like Wikipedia.