How should i apply "100% minoxidil"?

hi, ive started using minoxidil to grow facial hair as i am otherwise unable to. im swedish, and my pharmacy sold “minoxidil orifarm forte”, which was cheaper than buying rogaine and at the time i didnt really realise there was too big a difference other than branding, so i bought it. ive been taking applying varying volumes of it (because i got confused several times, hence why im posting here) every night for about three weeks. i cant return the minoxidil i bought to buy rogaine instead, so i need to know how to salvage what i bought :s
heres the problem: i recently noticed that all guides for minoxidil beards talk about “5% minoxidil”, i assume theyre talking about rogaine. however, the minoxidil i bought doesnt say percentages. it does, however, say it is 50mg/ml, and that it is a 60ml solution. im guessing this means that in every ml there is 50mg of minoxidil. im not sure if this is 100% minoxidil or if its dilluted with any water, but i assume not?
anyways, the instructions that came with the minoxidil instruct you to take 1ml twice a day, but this is of course for the hair and not for the face, and im not sure if theres a difference?
tl;dr should i apply 1ml of 100% minoxidil, should i apply less than 1ml of 100% minoxidil (that would be 0.05ml to achieve the same amount as 5% minoxidil right?), or should i manually dillute 1ml of 100% minoxidil with 20ml water so that the solution becomes 5% minoxidil and then apply 1ml of that?
i cant find any info on this, i assume maybe pure minoxidil like this isnt available in some other countries, but the community isnt as big in sweden so i cant find much there either, so id really appreciate some help! thank you!!

The minoxidil you have is 5% (50 mg = 0.05 grams, which is 5% of the 1 ml). Most of us generally apply 1 ml per dose, and it’s best to apply twice per day because of minoxidil’s half life and keeping the follicles saturated. Reasoning to that can be found here in detail:

So long as the ingredients are the same as the common brands like Rogaine/Regaine, Kirkland Signature, Equate, etc, then the minoxidil will work the same. More specifically, you don’t want a brand that contains DHT blockers. From what I Googled, the minoxidil you have does not have any DHT blockers, which is good:

Active substance: Minoxidil 50 mg / ml. Other ingredients: propylene glycol, ethanol and purified water.

Ingredients are essentially the same as the common brands and is good to go.

The Minoxidil Beard FAQ is a good source of information if you haven’t seen it yet, it contains answers to a lot of questions that people come across during the journey.

Welcome to the site, and feel free to ask questions when you’re in doubt!

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ah, that makes sense, since apparently 1ml of water is 1g, right! i think i confused ml, cubic cm, and mg and thought 1ml of water = 1mg heh. thank you so much for the response!

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