Potential beard growth with diet change

Hey I’m a part of “the minox beard spot.” I was wondering if anyone was going to post about diet. The internet research that I’ve been doing is telling me a lot of the common diet is counterproductive when it comes to trying to grow a beard. I’m already a slow gainer and from what I’m reading (for example) cheese would be considered an inhibitor. Besides that a lot of other foods that boost testosterone and others that do the opposite. I’d like to hear/read your guys’ point of view on the subject. Not to mention that I think it would help a lot of guys. I eat pretty healthy but I didn’t realize that I could have potentially been slowing my gains by over consuming soy products, dairy, bread, alcohol, etc.

Hey, Johnny, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you.

I particularly don’t like soy much because of the isoflavones, which are basically plant estrogens. Especially when the soy is so processed and concentrated. Although I don’t entirely stay away from soy, I do use stuff like soy sauce from time to time.

As for diets: I’m not sure what you mean by common diet, since it varies depending on the region of the world you’re in. If we’re generalizing, I do think places like India tend to have less estrogenic/anti-androgenic diets and practices, whereas here in the United States we tend to eat a lot of processed foods. Low quality meats that aren’t organic can lower testosterone.

Also certain diets that individual people take part in can be fairly negative for beard growth. One example is keto. Carbs are actually important, for instance, because hair requires a lot of energy to grow. Complex carbs provide a lot of energy, importantly polysaccharides, which are helpful for a slow-release of energy. Hair is one of the fastest growing cells, so a good source of energy is required to be able to grow the thickest, fullest hair you can. Of course, genetics will dictate a lot of that as well.

Proteins (which is what hair is made out of) and fats are important as well. So, essentially, a healthy balance of the three is the best route to take.

Caloric deficits aren’t ideal, but of course people need to do what they need to do to lose weight.

Overall, I think that diet is important but not the end all, be all of beard growth. Particularly for those that use minoxidil, seeing as how powerful of a hair grower it is. But if we want to grow the best beards possible, adding in foods that help with 5AR activity and increase testosterone (generally a caloric surplus) is helpful. I outlined some of those foods in How to Increase Testosterone and DHT for Maximum Beard Growth.

I don’t think people really need to change their diets though. If you’re consuming a lot of processed foods, sure, but if you’re generally eating healthy I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Add in known androgenic foods, work out, and overall stay healthy and your beard will be the best it can be. Min-maxing in this case probably isn’t going to show appreciable results in beard growth.

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